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Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Early Life - Sant Rampal Ji Saint Rampal Ji was born on 8 September 1951, in Village Dhanana, District Sonipat, Haryana, in a farmer family. After finishing his education, he remained employed on the post of a Junior Engineer in the Irrigation Department in Haryana State for 18 years. In the year 1988, he obtained initiation from Supreme Saint [...] Read more

How was Quran revealed on Prophet Muhammad

The knowledge about Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad is mentioned in the Hadis. The method of revelation of Quran was very fearful and painful for Prophet Muhammad. The first encounter of Prophet Muhammad with Angel Gabriel was a very harrowing experience for Prophet Muhammad as he feared his death when Gabriel pressed him forcefully. [...] Read more

Eating Meat is a Heinous Sin

Killing the beings of God is a sin. God created humans and animals. Even animals are his beings. God is not pleased if someone kills his children be it humans or animals. Hence eating meat is a grave sin. One can never attain the kingdom of God by doing sins.

Soul Cannot be Satisfied without God

Soul is a part of God. Since the soul got separated from Supreme God Kabir, it has been searching for its True Lord. Until the quest of this soul is over, it cannot rest in peace. Complete Satisfaction only comes by achievement of Supreme Lord.

God Kabir Can Destroy Sins

One accumulates sins by doing bad deeds and one does so in ignorance. Once one becomes familiar with the constitution of God, one stops doing sins. Then by doing the True Worship of God Kabir, sins can be destroyed (by the Grace of God Kabir).

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