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Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Early Life - Sant Rampal Ji

Saint Rampal Ji was born on 8 September 1951, in Village Dhanana, District Sonipat, Haryana, in a farmer family. After finishing his education, he remained employed on the post of a Junior Engineer in the Irrigation Department in Haryana State for 18 years. In the year 1988, he obtained initiation from Supreme Saint Ramdevanand ji, and wholeheartedly did sadhna through body and mind according to the way of worship directed by Swami Ramdevanand Ji, and saw and met God.


Saint Rampal Ji obtained initiation on 17 February 1988, in the month of Falgun (Feb-March) on the night of Amaavasya. At that time the age of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj was 37 years. In Santmat (Saint-opinion), the day of initiation is considered as the spiritual birthday of the initiated devotee.

The above-mentioned description completely matches with that prediction of Nostradamus which is written on Page no. 44, 45 - "The time when the spiritual birth of that Tatvdrshta Chyren will take place, it will be dark Amaavasya that day. At that time the spiritual age of that world-leader will not be 16, 20 or 25 years, he will not be young, rather he will be mature, and he will become famous in the world at the age between 50 and 60 years. That will be the year 2006."

When did Sant Rampal Ji start giving Naam-Updesh

In the year 1993, Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj ordered you to do satsang and in 1994, gave you order to give naam (mantra / spiritual instruction). Because of being engrossed in the path of bhakti, you gave your resignation letter from the post of J.E. (Junior Engineer), which is accepted by the Haryana Government in letter no. 3492-3500, dated 16/5/2000. From the year 1994 to 1998, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj did satsang by going to every house, every village and every city. Large number of people became his followers. Simultaneously, the revolt from the unknowledgeable saints also escalated. In the year 1999, established Satlok Ashram Karontha in Village Karontha District Rohtak (Haryana), and by organising a seven-day long satsang from 1 June 1999 to 7 June 1999, on the occasion of the manifestation day of Supreme God Kabir Ji, commenced the Ashram and started a three-day long satsang on the full-moon day (Purnima) of every month. Devotees started coming to hear the satsang from far-off places and after understanding the Tatvgyan, started becoming disciples in large numbers. Within a few days, the number of the followers of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj reached lakhs.

Knowledge given by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj & the Backlash

The followers of the unknowledgeable saints and rishis, who started coming to Saint Rampal Ji and started becoming disciples, then started questioning those unknowledgeable aacharyas and saints that you are telling all the knowledge opposite to our true scriptures. In Yajurved Adhyay 8 Mantra 13, it is written that Supreme God destroys (forgives) all the offences (sins) of His devotee. Your book "Satyarth Prakash" which we have bought, in that it is written that "God does not forgive (destroys) the sins of His devotee". It is written in your book "Satyarth Prakash" in Samullas 7 that just like Earth, human beings and other living beings reside on sun. Similarly, there are all the materials like Earth; parks, gardens, rivers, waterfalls etc; is it possible. In Holy Yajurved Adhyay 5 Mantra 1, it is written that Parmatma has a body "Agne TanuH Asi Vishnve Tva Somasya Tanur Asi || " It has been stated twice in this Mantra that 'God has a body'. That Eternal Purush has a body for nurturing everyone i.e. when God, comes as a guest in this world for some time to explain Tatvgyan to His devotees, He comes by wearing a body of lighter masses of lights over His actual effulgent body. That is why, the evidence has been given twice in the aforesaid Mantra. Being answerless to this kind of argument and with the fear of exposure of their lack of knowledge, those unknowledgeable saints, mahants and aacharyas to destroy Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj's reputation started making bad propaganda in the neighbouring villages of Satlok Ashram Karontha, and on 12-7-2006, themselves attacked and made their followers attack Satlok Ashram to kill Saint Rampal Ji and to destroy the Ashram. The police tried to stop them because of which some trouble-makers became injured. The government seized the Satlok Ashram and by making a false case, put Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and some of the followers into jail. In this way, in the year 2006, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj became famous. Even though, the ignorants by making false allegations made the Saint famous, but the Saint is innocent. Dear readers, after reading the prophecy of Nostradamus, will think that Saint Rampal has been extensively vilified, how it will be possible that he will disseminate knowledge in the world. It is again a request to them that God can change the circumstances in a moment.

Kabir, Saheb se sab hot hai, bande se kachhu naahin |
Raai se parvat kare, parvat se fir raai ||

Supreme God Kabir Ji through Sant Rampal Ji, for the salvation of His children, will soon make the society familiar with the reality through Tatvgyan. Then the entire world will acknowledge the calibre of the knowledge of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, since year 2003, spreading the true knowledge through the medium of newspapers and T.V. channels has been saying to all the saints that - your knowledge is opposite to the scriptures. You are making the devotee society do worship against the injunctions of the scriptures and are becoming culprits. If I am telling wrong, then give an answer to this. To date, no Saint has dared to give an answer.

The Prophecies of Nostadamus about Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj

Prophecy on Age

In (year) 2001 A.D. on the first Thursday of the month of October, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj suddenly got an inspiration to study the true scriptures of all the religions in depth. On this basis, he first of all studied the Holy Shrimad bhagavad Gita and composed the book 'Gahri Nazar Gita Mein', and based on that only, first of all, started satsang in the Jodhpur city of Rajasthan state in March 2002. That is why, Nostradamus has said that the world-religious-Hindu-Saint (Chyren) at the age of 50 years i.e. in 2001, becoming (Gyey - Gyata) knowledgeable will spread the knowledge. Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj was born in the holy Hindu religion in year 1951 (A.D.) on 8 September in Village Dhanana, District Sonipat, state Haryana (India) in a farmer family. Thus, in the year 2001, Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj's age turns out to be 50, which is correct in accordance with the statement of Nostradamus. Therefore that world-religious-leader is Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj only, in whose chairmanship, India will rule over the whole world. Only one knowledge (Path of Bhakti) will prevail in the whole world. There will be only one legislation, nobody will remain distressed, and there will be complete peace in the whole world. Those, who will revolt, will also repent in the end and will be forced to accept the Tatvgyan, and the entire human society will follow the religion of mankind and after attaining complete salvation will go to Satlok.

Prophecy on Knowledge

Regarding that Tatvgyan, Nostradamus has mentioned in his prophecy that, in front of the scripture-certified Tatvgyan told by that world-conqueror Saint, all the former saints will become dull (unsuccessful) and will have to become humble and submit to him. Regarding this only, Supreme God Kabir Bandichhor ji has said in His sacred speech in holy book "Kabir Sagar" (which has been written by Saint Dharmdas ji approximately 550 years ago) that a time will come when only my knowledge will prevail in the whole world. The whole world will do bhakti peacefully. There will be special love among each other; there will be time like Satyug (Golden Age).

Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has understood the knowledge told by Supreme God Kabir Bandichhor. Regarding this knowledge only, God Kabir has said in His speech that -

Kabir, aur gyan sab gyaandi, Kabir gyan so gyan |
Jaise gola tob ka, karta chale maidaan ||

The meaning is that this Tatvgyan is so powerful that the knowledge of other saints and rishis will not be able to stand in front of it. Like, wherever a cannon ball drops, razing all the forts there, it makes the ground level.

Saint Garibdas ji (of Chhudani, District Jhajjar, Haryana) has given the same evidence that Satguru (the Tatvdarshi Saint sent by Supreme God Kabir Bandichhor) will come in Delhi region.

Garib, Satguru dilli mandal aaysi, sooti dharni soom jagaaysi |

He will wake the people who have become miser without the bhakti of God. The Village Dhanana, District Sonipat earlier used to fall in the region governed by Delhi. That is why Saint Garibdas ji Maharaj has said that Satguru (the Saint who knows the real knowledge i.e. Tatvdrshta Saint) will come in the Delhi region. Then, has said that -

Saheb Kabir takht khavaasa, dilli mandal leejae vaasa |

The meaning is that the 'khwaas' (servant) of the 'Takht' (court) of Supreme God Kabir Bandichhor i.e. the representative (delegate) of Supreme God will reside in the Delhi region i.e. will be born there. He will first of all make his Hindu brothers familiar with the Tatvgyan. Wise Hindus will wake up in alarm i.e. on understanding the Tatvgyan imparted by that Saint will soon take his refuge. Then the whole world will accept the knowledge of that Tatvdarshi Hindu Saint.

Nostradamus has also made this prediction. Nostradamus has also written that I am sad about this thing that because of not being acquainted with him, my Chyren (Tatvdrshta Saint) has become a subject of contempt. O wise man! Do not disdain him. He, by being established on a throne (by making him sit on a seat) is worthy of being revered in the form of a worshippable deity. That Hindu religious Saint (Chyren), the follower of Aadi Purush (Supreme God), is the saviour of the world.

The foreteller Nostradamus has mentioned three words on the page 41, 42 of the book. He has said that, that world-conqueror Tatvdrshta Saint, releasing from Krurchandra i.e. from the tormenting Earth of Kaal, will make heir along with our aadi-anaadi (eternal) ancestors and will make attain salvation. Here there is an indication towards updesh-mantra that, that Chyren will give mantra jaap of only three words (Om′ + Tat′ + Sat′). He will not stick any other word of salvation with these three words. This evidence is also in Holy Rigved Mandal 10 Sukt 90 Mantra 16, in Samved Shlok Sankhya 822 and in Shrimad Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 17 Shlok 23 that a Purna Sant (Tatvdarshi Saint) by giving three mantras (Om′ + Tat′ + Sat′; in which Tat and Sat are coded), and making one do bhakti of Supreme God (Aadi Purush), liberates a living being from Kaal's web. Then that worshipper, by the power of the earnings of bhakti, goes there where the virtuous souls of the (Aadi Srishti) Primordial Nature live. From where this living being, leaving his ancestors, coming along with Krurchandra (Kaal God), being entangled in this miserable lok, is suffering grief one after another. Nostradamus has also clarified this, that the middle period i.e. the intermediate generation will lead an ideal life of Hindu religion. Chyren (Tatvdrshta Saint) will again unconditionally bring to light the unique, eminent legislation i.e. the most superior scripture-based ordinance of bhakti brightened by his knowledge and will honestly reform the human culture i.e. the characteristics of the virtues of mankind. (Madhalya kaalaat Hindu dharmaanche va hinduchya aadarshvat jhaalel - this is written in Marathi language on page 42. The meaning of the aforesaid statement is that Chyren will salvage the intermediate generation. This account was missed in the Hindi translation of page no. 42, therefore, has been written here and has also been explained. Supreme God Kabir Ji has Himself given this very evidence that -

Dharmdas tohe laakh duhaai, Saargyan va Saarshabd kahin baahar na jaai |
Saarnaam baahar jo parhi, bichli peedi hans nahin tar hi |
Saargyan tab tak chhupaai, jab tak dwaadas panth na mit jaai |

Intermediate Generation

Like, in (year) 1947 A.D. India became liberated from British rule. Prior to that, there was no education in India. In year 1951, Supreme God sent Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj on Earth. Know the period prior to 1947 as the first generation of Kalyug, and the intermediate generation has started since 1947. It will do true bhakti for one thousand years. During this, one who will do bhakti with full determination will go to Satlok. Those who will not be able to go to Satlok and sometimes did bhakti, sometimes left it, but did not become traitor of Guru, they will again attain thousands of human births in this very Kalyug because this will be the result of their scripture-based worship. In this way, for several thousand years, the time of Kalyug will run better than the present time. Then the last generation will be born devoid of bhakti because the auspicious earnings gained in the bhakti-yug, would have been spent (finished) by taking repeated births. In this way, the last generation of Kalyug will be ungrateful. It will not be able to do bhakti. Therefore it has been said that now (since 1947) the intermediate generation is going on. Since year 2006, that Chyren has appeared before everyone; he is "Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj".

The aforesaid knowledge about the intermediate generation, the first and the last generation, which Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has been telling for years in his discourses, has now even been clarified by the prophecy of Nostradamus. Therefore, Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj has said that - Do the bhakti of Supreme God Kabir by taking spiritual instruction from a Complete Saint; otherwise, this opportunity will not come again.

Garib, samjha hai to sir dhar paanv, bahur nahin re aisa daav ||

The meaning is that if you have understood the Tatvgyan, then take to your heels i.e. as soon as possible, taking initiation (spiritual instruction) from Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, get your welfare done. This good opportunity will not be available again. Like, this period of intermediate generation (middle-period) and your human body and the presence of Tatvdrshta Saint. If even now you will not engage in the path of Bhakti, then about this it is said that -

Yeh sansaar samajhda naahin, kahanda shaam dupahre noo |
Garibdas yeh vakt jaat hai, rovoge is pahre noo ||

The purport is that Saint Garibdas ji Maharaj is saying that this innocent world is doing sadhna opposite to the injunctions of the scriptures which is very afflicting, and is telling this only as comforting. Like, someone is standing in the scorching heat of midday (12 o'clock) of June and is telling it to be an evening. For instance, if a drunkard is lying drunk on the road and someone says to him that why are you burning in the midday sun, come in shade. He says in drunken stupor, "No, it is evening. Who says it is afternoon?" Similarly, those worshippers, who abandoning the injunctions of the scriptures, are following arbitrary way of worship, they are ruining their lives. They do not want to relinquish it, rather, considering it only to be most superior are burning in the fire of miseries in Kaal's lok. Saint Garibdas ji Maharaj is saying that even after getting so many evidence, if you will not do true sadhna according to the directions of a Complete Saint, then this invaluable human body and the Bhakti Yug of the intermediate generation will get out of your hand. Then you will cry on remembering this time; you will repent a lot. Then nothing will be possible. Supreme God Kabir Ji Bandichhor Ji has said that -

Aachchhe din paachhae gaye, Satguru se kiya na het |
Ab pachhtava kya kare, jab chidiya chug gayi khet ||

We request the whole human society to recognise the Complete Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj and get your and your family's welfare done. Also tell your relatives and friends and attain complete salvation. The Golden Age has begun. Lakhs of pious souls, recognising the Tatvdarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj, are doing true bhakti. They have become very happy. Relinquishing all the vices, they are leading a pure life.

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